Sunday, 6 February 2011

Journal pages, flowers and cats

Making my journal pages caused me to stop often and think of the many people I have known and loved in my life. I was happy when I realised that I had kept boxes and boxes of photographs and they contained photos I had forgotten exsisted. It is going to be a struggle to know which ones to use. I have made several pages this last week but some need perhaps one small thing added before I will be satisfied with them.Before I make any more with the pictures on them I have to make pages where I can write.
I have been so pleased to find some new people reading my blog. I love to look at other peoples and do so often as I find it helps in many ways. Sometimes when I am at a loss as to what to do next and something said or lovely work I look at triggers something and off I go again. Often it's the colour combination someone has used, a beautiful piece of crazy patch work, wonderful pictures of gardens or period houses or the animals people have and love.
WRiting of which our cat problems have continued. We took Daisy, the most gentle and sweet cat to the vet, because suddenly large bare patches have appeared in her coat,at first we thought she was moulting but concerned as it got worse we took her to the vet. Its stress!!we think its due to all the wild cats that we are surrounded by,she is very afraid to go outside nowerdays unlike the other two. She stands by the door and only ventures out if one of us goes with her. Several have started to come into the house through the cat flap. Its all difficult because we know they are hungry but changes will have to be made.

Yesterday we went to Bayeux, it was market day and I was delighted to find stall after stall selling flowers, just what I needed right now to brighten up these endless grey days.


  1. Poor Daisy! What a difficult problem for you. I hope those lovely flowers brighten your day.x

  2. hello friend,
    a blessed weekend for you.
    big hugs

  3. Your journal pages are wonderful, love the soft pink backgrounds and the care and attention to detail you show to your subject. Poor little Daisy. It is so worrying for you and her, all I can suggest is a cat flap with a magnetic catch and then only your cats with magnets on their collars can get in, so at least she can feel safe in her own home.

  4. Gill your journal will be a fantastic piece of art when it is finished with these wonderful pages.

  5. this journal is a wonderful piece of art and a great vintage look

  6. I love your blog. Your work is beautiful. And I can't wait to see some pictures of your garden!

  7. wonderful pictures on a beautiful blog!!!♥


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