Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Wild cats and a fabric doll

I am pleased I have finished this doll and have decided I shall stop even thinking about another one for a while. A friend visited yesterday and wanted to take a look at all the quilts I have made over the years, we counted 16 in all not including the ones I have given away.It made me realise how I have slipped into must get it done mode and I have been avoiding doing all the more complex machine embroidery I used to love doing, for a long long time. I have had one fairly simple unfinished quilt in my workroom for months now and am going to work on it. I will make some fabric cards and maybe some pages for a journal if I need a break from the quilt because I can usually do those things in a fairly short time.
I smiled when I saw the two wild cats sitting on the table in the garden, they look so sweet but in fact along with the other 4 maybe 5 wild cats they terrorise our house cats. Daisy 's fur is falling out more and more and neither of them like to go out unless one of us is with them. We know they are hungry and we feel sad for them but they are a problem.Here in France its a huge problem as not many people think to have cats spayed ,hence the large number of them.


  1. I hope you will post your quilts, embroidery, journals, etc. for us to see. I personally love seeing things like that. You should always work on whatever your heart desires and never feel pushed to create what you don't feel like creating. Be free my friend!

    You might try this trick for getting rid of the wild cats because they carry disease and yes, your cats are very stressed if losing their fur. Try putting balloons where these cats normally frequent. You can tie them with string. Yes, they might try to play with them and...pop, lol, then when they see the balloons again they will be afraid. Soon they will stop coming. I used to work for a vet, give it a try...what do you have to lose? If you have any questions about this let me know. Hugs, Connie :)

  2. Thank you Connie, I shall buy some ballons tomorrow and put some around the garden. I was beginning to seriously worry about Daisy. Our vet suggested Pheramones and we have had two plug ins on the go for weeks, but to no effect.
    Again thank you.Hugs Jill

  3. Thankyou for the comment,I,m not to good at explaining but this link may help,I now own this ATC holder of Annies,which i,m using to help me do my Tag Book


    (couldnt find your email address lol,Loveeeeee your dolls xxx

  4. You captured a lovely photo of the cats. Too bad there are so many. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm always happy to see your comments!

  5. hola guapa son todos muy preciosos como tudo que haces!!!en mi blog tiene un matrimonio que no puedes perder ok.miles besitos

  6. Your doll is amazing! Love all the detail :) Your "wild cats" are adorable!! LOL :)

  7. A beautiful doll so gorgeously finished.
    You have a quilt stash just like me. I'm hoping to make sure all my friends get to own one eventually.
    Hope you show some of them here on your blog.
    Thanks for lovely comment.
    Love, Suzy

  8. She turned out wonderful. I do hope this comment goes through.

  9. this doll is absolutely amazing!!!


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