Thursday, 8 December 2011

More about decorating the village hall

As I walked past the village hall yesterday morning I noticed the lights were on and then saw lots of white stencils on the windows. Now I am not a fan of stencils but I suddenly realised the first party in the hall will be for the village children,and they would love to see lots pictures of a smiling Father Christmas, bells , reindeer and crackers.Without those it was maybe too adult for them.When the pine branches are up and decorated I will take the final photos.
I think I have four people so far that would like to continue after Christmas so am very pleased,I'm going to take in some crazy patch work, a few dolls similar to the ones I made for the Comfort Doll project,some fairly easy bags and a pile of sewing craft magazines.

I have been very busy all week working on my 3rd journal.I have seen several I love on peoples blogs and they are a wonderful way of keeping small pieces of work as well as having a use.

I just love the face on the last doll I have made,can't quite make out what she is thinking.


  1. I hope you consider myself among the volunteers to continue the workshop couture.I put my sewing machine in use thanks to you.I love your nice doll

  2. Me too! Her face expression is so deep in thought. Like one doesn't want to talk except in hushed tones so as not to disturb her. How exciting to have a few ladies continuing in the group. You gals are having so much fun. This is just lovely. *smiles* Norma

  3. I`ll tell you what she is thinking................................"make cake for Shirley as a present"......................soon......


  4. She's a poppet! I'm so glad you will be continuing your creative activities with your ladies in the New Year Jill!

  5. She is lovely and so glad there are people willing to learn from you. You are so talented.


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