Wednesday, 21 December 2011

December 21st

This day, every year I always find myself feeling sad.Its a time of year when my thoughts turn to the 4 people that have meant such alot to me and are now long gone. So this afternoon I took myself to the village Chapel and lit four
candles in their memory and spent a few minutes remembering each of them.
The chapel is tiny and very pretty,built as a place for pilgrims to come to on a day in September every year. The village is decorated and a fair set up in the field opposite with food stalls,a beer tent and craft stalls.All day long we can hear hymn singing and sounds of the service held out of doors in the grounds of the Chapel for the hundreds of people who come from far and wide.
The pictures are of a few of my favourite places inside .Tomorrow I will be just fine.


  1. ..maybe you could do a memory-journal...

    ..then they would be closer to you all of the time...

    (..but I know how you feel....x Chris)

  2. This is a period that is filled with a mix of joy and sadness...or nostalgia, I think for most of us. I have myself many loved ones who are not any longer, and somehow Christmas always makes the loss of them feel much stronger. So I know how you feel...hope joy will overcome the sadness. xox

  3. I understand Jill, Christmas is a strange mixed time for me too.

    Jules xxx


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