Friday, 24 February 2012

New YogaClass, only was it yoga?

I was delighted to hear that there was to be a Yoga class held weekly in the school hall and it was to be at 6:00 in the evening not 8:30 as is often the time for evening classes here in France. I used to do loads of yoga befor I came to France but have tried classes befor and they were never as I expected. Once again I was surprised,The teacher was a lovely gentle man ,but we didn't do any stretching exercises, we sort of pinched and shook everywhere all the time, meant to be kneeling and sitting back between our legs. The class was an hour and three quarters long!!I couldn't sit like that for long and fidgeted a lot (I wasn't the only one)and when we finished I couldn't get up off the floor. The pain was dreadful and I felt very silly. The others all helped me and when I was home I rubbed in lots of gel and went to bed.The teacher was very concerned and called round the following day to see if I was ok. I was glad to tell him the pain was much improved. Next week I shall be very careful, but I understand it will something different,fingers crossed its not quite so demanding.

I have made several cards this week as I have several friends with occaisons to celebrate. Plus 4 dolls I want to finish befor

the next sewing group meets.Each one will be completly different so the women hopefull get some ideas for their own dolls.
The last meeting was disorganised and I want to be clearer with them. I love their company, and they are all very enthusiastic wanting to do so many things.


  1. Oh what a treasure it would be to receive one of your cards! Beautiful, beautiful.

    I can't believe your class! It is the teachers fault for not doing stretches and cooling down exercises. Just because it is yoga doesn't mean it is not demanding on the body. He must be new and not a regular at exercise classes either, my goodness! Take care and don't feel pushed to do everything.

  2. Oh your cards are so pretty....just adorable! I have to keep going back and looking at them.
    I hope you don't mind if I pin you on Pinterest?

    1. I'd never heard of Pinterest but strangly there was something about it on television last night so I shall take a look at it.And I wouldn't mind at all.

  3. Forgot to say......that doesn't sound like yoga to me :-/
    I've been doing it for over 12 years and it definitely should be relaxing and make you feel good after!

  4. Oh what beautiful cards Julie.
    A friend of mine went for a yoga class but she had the same experience. She said that they ended up jumping and prancing about and the teacher was like a sargent major. Needless to say she gave it up. At least your teacher seems to be nice and concerned about you.

  5. Well really this class sounds a bit worrisome to me. Hopefully the teacher learned something from this experience. Please take care. Love your cards this week. And have fun with the sewing group!! *smiles* Norma
    p.s. not to worry about the award post.

  6. Ooh, you take care Jill! I agree with Linda - I've never heard of any yoga discipline like that.
    Beautiful cards - and don't worry you'll soon get your group organised!x

  7. What beautiful art cards and your doll faces are so inspiring! I just discovered your lovely blog- an enchanting place to visit. I do yoga at home at my own pace to a DVD (much better for me) but we all have to find the right teacher and environment. Good luck!

  8. Beautiful cards! Love them all, but especially the last one.

    Wishing you a wonderful, art-filled week!


  9. Your cards are all so beautifully made, it's always nice to give a handmade card to a dear friend.

  10. I love the 'party at our house gal' ... but, all the faces are wonderful. I love the face making the best with dolls... that was mostly why I even got into making them
    My first class was an online class ...and it worked great. the teacher was available to answer any questions etc... and we all chatted back and forth a bit .... you can go on to the site anytime and leave questions and they will be answered. We showed our work in progress if we wanted to ... or didn't if we did't want to... I actually enjoyed it very much. And, my first doll turned out great...and was a big surprise to me... who knew I could even do that? I was a happy camper....then i just did research online..or bought a few books and managed to just bumble my way through the rest of the dolls I have made...which in reality is not many ... and lately...haven't done any dolls for ages it seems..... went through some injuries and a surgery on my wrist etc... that set things back quite a bit..... must get back to doing something....


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