Sunday, 19 February 2012

This morning Tony got up very early as did Shirley and Mark from to go to a normally good brocante about an hour away. When they arrrived Tony said it was like a huge mad maze. Streets every where were blocked off and once inside he couldn't find a way out. AT one point he removed a barrier and drove through but just found more and moreroads blocked,finally he drove down a one way street the wrong way. He was gone for three hours and yet still came home with a yummy cake for me and not a single treasure for himself. He is a kind kind man.
Now I also had my own frustrations this morning I had received an invitation to accept an LEIBSTER award and could I do the requested things? No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
I shall be glad when I go to England soon and am buying a NEW computer,its the only answer or I shall become completly mad.

I want to make a crazy patch work cushion ,one with lots of bits and pieces added I had a careful look at one I made a few years ago to see how I did it. I also made the cushion to go with it, I need to stay up all night if I am ever to


  1. I am sure you can do it.If you did it before you can do it now. You did a great job of this one. It is very pretty and I love the fabric colours.

  2. You'll do a great job! Poor Tony, bless him, he's a star.

  3. fabulous bright colors, just do a little bit at a time ;) Lovely gentle pages below, too.

  4. Hi, Jill. Very pretty patchwork. I especially like your journal page in the previous post--very subtle.
    best, nadia


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