Monday, 27 February 2012

David Hockney and the Art of Seeing

I have just watched the most wonderful programme on the television I've seen for ages.He was talking about his exibition at the Royal Academy in London. For the first time ever for any artist he has been given the whole of the Royal Academy. He talked about living in the country side of England and how he goes out every day to the same place and looks and looks until he can see the colours around him. He has painted vast paintings,but each can be made up of smaller managable parts The colours he saw in the different seasons were stunning.How I hope I can see the exibition soon,it will give me a memory for a life time.
No Photos today as we have been without the internet for several days and it has been very grey and gloomy so I have concentrated on making a cloth doll. May be I can show you her tomorrow if I can finish her and there is better light.


  1. Isn't it amazing what he's done with an iPad!

    Grey and gloomy here too....

    ...good luck with the doll, I look forward to seeing her :-)

    x C

  2. I shall have to go and find this. Woke to 3 inches of snow! I thought we were finished with this stuff as they fore-casted sunshine and 58 degrees.


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