Tuesday, 3 August 2010

A chicken in the kitchen and trying to work.

Yesterday became very complicated as one of the chickens found the way in to the kitchen through the cat flap. She has been ill for days and not eating so very thin, I cooked pasta for her and she did eat a bit and it must of done some good because she began to walk around. But now she has found the cats flap the kitchen is where she wants to be. The cats are nonplussed as she spends some time guarding the cat flap and squawks loudly if they try to come in or go out. All this means I have to keep coming down from my workroom to sort her out!!I don't want to shut the 3 cats out and I don't want to shut her in. Maybe today she will find it boring in there?
I made two more little purses and then began to play with my boxes of bits and pieces resulting in the 3 hearts. They were fun to make so might make a few more today if there is more trouble in the kitchen.


  1. Oh, bless her, I hope she feels well enough to stay back outside soon. Your little hearts are so sweet Jill.

  2. oh poor thing soon she had been good to come back to your and leave the place of the poor cats.I loved their bags.kisses.


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