Sunday, 29 August 2010

Work in progress

When ever I have had the time I have dashed into my workroom and made the two, as yet unfinished collages without much thinking going on. I began by sewing the insects then made the flowers, tried several colour backgrounds. They are still not completly attatched and I see a leaf and a bead has almost dropped off!!
Now what to do next I don't know. Perhaps the backgrounds need more work, Its too late but maybe the flowers could have been more complicated. I shall be pleased with any suggestions.
To my amazment I just heard that nearly all my dolls have sold in first the exibition, I was sure none would. Interestingly I am told that the remaining two are the most complicated and have my favourite colour dresses, purple The house will seem empty without them all over the place. If Tony is much better next week I shall be able to go and collect the two that remain and some of the little bags,I also sold all the little fairy shoes and have been asked to make some more red ones.
It has been a welcome surprise , at this particular time.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear you have ill health in the family Jill, my best wishes to you. These are beautiful and congratulations on selling so much (although I'm not a bit surprised, your work is so pretty and charming, I can see it flying off the stall!)

  2. So happy that I found you well ok you found me but together we found one another. These pieces are beautiful. Mounted and framed works of art.


    My thoughts and prayers for your family..always!!


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