Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Too much to think about

This last week I have had so much to think about and lots to do. I finished more small things to add to the exibition in la Haye du Puits,I finished another friendship doll and sorted out a pile of wonderful coloured materials to begin a quilt.I went shopping with a friend and as she wanted to buy beads I too became seduced by all the wonderful colours ,shapes and sizes on the market stall. I thought I could make fabric beads and intersperse them with some wonderful glass beads. Where the time will come from I don't know.
I love this picture of some of my dolls that were sitting in a little antique childs bed in the hall way upstairs.I feel such a pang in my heart knowing some have already found new homes as they went into the exibition and have sold.
I am happy to part with friendship dolls especially if its a swap but the big cloth dolls become almost family.


  1. Deep breath now, in and out :) Your dolls looks so cute altogether like that.

  2. Hi, I just love your dolls! They're all so beautiful! I hope that you have a wonderful day.

  3. I do understnd Jill, but just think how much your beautiful dolls are going to be loved and cherished in their new homes!x

  4. I love Kettles Yard as well! Didn't think I would be alone in blogland with my liking the Watts Chapel, tee hee :)


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