Saturday, 21 August 2010

Lots of pink

Today turned into a pink day. I made a page for one of my journals,it has a pocket where I intend to put a note about the things I was thinking of when I selected the bits and pieces I used.
Usually I just choose what fits a space and am not aware of my thoughts, but today I tried to take note. It proved very interesting for me , each little item meant something. I wrote it down while I could remember and tomorrowI will write it out and pop the result in the pocket. I do love pockets.

I also took another look at the wonderful fabric figure of Christ I have had for ages. I have wondered what I could do with it, thought maybe I would just mount it on very beautiful cream silk? But I am not sure, I have lots of heavyily embroidered stars in different sizes i would like to use with it. I shall have to ponder some more.


  1. The pinks just look so warm and loving!

  2. I am not great with journal so to me it looks fine. Shall look forward to seeing what else you do with it.


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