Sunday, 8 January 2012

Two more journal pages and the cat

This Morning I overslept and when I came down stairs I saw thay Tony had been long gone off to a Flea Market. I then rushed around hoping not to be caught out in my dressing gown and an unmade bed. I went to sort the bed out but our big male cat had taken up residence and I hadn't the heart to move him as he was soundly asleep. Perhaps its this grey weather?
Tony came home with a pain au chocolate and a warm crispy croissant for me,I had just managed to fling on some clothes, I didn't really need to as he is always pleased to see me whatever state I am in.
He had found some wonderful things and was very pleased with it all.I pleaded to keep just one thing a beautiful blue glass chemists jar complete with its copper lid,the rest will probably go on his auction site.

I have made two more journal pages ,while making them I thought about how they were all pictures of real people with each one having a different life. I wondered what each one was actually thinking when the portrait was made. Some of the originals have their names and some not,so I am going to try and look the names up and see what I might find out. If I was a writer I should love to weave stories around each one.


  1. Your pages are beautiful. I especially like the red one and your idea of looking up the names. As an artist we, like a writer, weave stories about our subject with our paint.

  2. Beautiful pages...

    ...and a lovely cat!

    Any chance of finding some nice lace pieces in the ebay shop sometime soon? :-)

  3. You already are a writer but you just don't know it yet. I love reading what you've written. It's a natural style and if you feel like writing something about these characters I bet it will be most enjoyable! I hope you will try it. I love that cat photo. You are fortunate to have such a sweetie (your husband sounds great too! Chocolate and a croissant oh my goodness) *smiles* Norma

  4. Your blog is always lovely to read Jill, because it's so natural and from the heart. I love your thoughts about the people behind all those vintage pictures we


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