Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The cover for my latest journal

I have just finished this cover and am pleased to have done so. I long to take online classes but the internet connection here is extremly slow when I can connect to it. Most of all I would have liked to take these two, Madness and mess and Nellie Wortman's at creativeworkshops.I have tried downloads and can bare the stop start if they are short but otherwise it's hopeless. So I made myself sit down and and work out how to do it. I made endless mistakes but think I am getting there.
I am very glad to have a blog and to look at all the other brilliant blogs. Last year I nearly stopped mine ,I had months of awful depression at about this time of year and it paralized me in many ways. The one thing I did do was, I suppose ,hide in my workroom and continue making things. I eventually had to see a doctor and take lots of pills ,I still take some but was told as it has been a reoccuring theme in my life its about unresolved grief and I have to try and comes to terms with some of it. I had at first no idea how to do this but it suddenly came to me I will do a journal of the worst things that have happened. It will be just for me,so I will be able to write completly freely and maybe I will get to understand more and go from there. I have made myself be more sociable even though it was so hard sometimes but it has made a difference.I just hope hope hope it won't be as bad again.


  1. You are doing so well with that pretty cover, and I think your journal idea will be really theraputic for you. Thanks for your good wishesxxx

  2. Thank you for all your kind comments at my blog lately. I enjoy visiting yours and should comment more. Good for you for seeking help with your depression and good for you for continuing to create. Best wishes for a brighter year.

  3. Good for you! It's better out than in. I too find solace and healing in creating. Stick at it...and it'll improve a bit each day :-)

    x Chris

  4. I'm sorry for your past illness Jill.The journal is a great idea.
    Have a Google search under Vintage Mini Albums on You Tube. There are tutorials too.I am in a paper group, and they have given me so many great sites to look at.E-mail me if you want info.Remember I was a teacher, so I know how to get RESOURCES!!he,he.
    Lovely to hear from you on my blog.

  5. Great idea with the journal, I know it is hard to have a depression but to be creativ is a way out of it, your cover is so wonderfully done, the lace you used are beautiful, have a nice weekend dear.
    Hugs Anni

  6. Love having you as a friend. Your workroom is an Aladdins cave - full of delights and surprises (and you don't mind when I squirrel little trinkets away to make into jewellery!!!)
    Glad the journal is helping you come to terms with your past. Had to use Freyas' name to make the comment xx

  7. hello jill it's good for comment .good week-end

  8. This cover is spectacular, creating things is a big healer. Wish you all the best.

  9. This cover is absolutely amazing, everything comes together in one harmonious and interesting creation! Beautifully done!

    Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog so that I could find you! I absolutely love your journal! What a beautiful job you have done putting it together.

  11. Your journal cover is quite luscious - very special indeed.

    So sorry to hear about your past illness...but art is a great healer.I hope things continue to improve for you.


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