Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Second thoughts

After looking again at the page with the drawn woman and green background I have decided I will redo it . Some how she doesn't suit the colours I've used.
I am quite pleased with the two I worked on yesterday, the page with the young girl is me when I was student,aged about 17 at Ealing Art School. I was very thin then ,had long long legs, long very blond hair and extremly shy. I was forever being asked to be a model or pose for fashion photo's by the photographic department. I had and still have a big capacity for day dreaming and was good at keeping a pose. I always felt I was quite a plain person and yet when I look at some of the photos taken then it seems I might not have been. But then in photographs we can appear very different with good lighting etc. I love the girl daydreaning in the green page,so far my favourite.

I am beginning to get organised with the help of a friend Isabel for the workshop in the school hall, We sorted out some materials and I made a list of the things they will need to bring as well.
Today I am going to get out my rose quilt and make a big effort to make progress with it,I hope I don't get distracted like I so often do.


  1. Happy New Year!

    Lovely pages, all of them ;)

    Thanks for your really kind words x

  2. I look forward to the evolution of this new journal and I love reading your blog. You are a true storyteller

  3. I like the posture of the girl dreaming ... and these little blue flowers are delicious! Good day!

  4. I love both of them. The blue flowers and the stitching and the jewel are just lovely together. Wonderful.

  5. You know, when we look at photos of ourselves when we were young ( or younger), we realize we weren't bad at all, but you never look better and at the same time is more insecure as when you are young :-) How unfair!
    Your works are both very beautiful and creative!

  6. I love both of these pages very much! I hope you don't change the girl daydreaming because I think the bright and happy background is a good contrast to her quiet, thoughtful pose. The green is a perfect complement to her red, red lips.

    The picture of you as a girl is lovely and no, I don't think you were (are) plain at all! I remember when I was a young lady thinking I am ugly or fat but now I see the pictures and I wonder why I was so hard on myself! If I had it to do again I would be less shy and probably a total tease!! LOL, yeah baby!


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