Sunday, 15 January 2012

A cold frosty sunday

I have worked this morning to try and understand my new sewing machine,all the instructions came in every language except english! I have a Brother already and I am happy with it but wanted another to keep set up for free machining as my old 40 years old Toyota and given up. I knew it well and was sad when it stopped working but excited by the thought of a new one. Its a Brother but quite a simple one(or so I expected). Its proved the most difficult machine I have ever used. I have persevered but I,m not quite there yet.So I found a piece of linen and drew several insects on it with my new pens for drawing on fabric, then started sewing on and round the images. There was alot of muttering under my breath as threads caught and broke time and time again. I kept going, changing settings each time and its getting better.I will fill the whole square adding more insects and flowers and leaves as I go and hope I will improve . Then I thought I may use the squares I've made cut up somehow to go around the edges.
I made the squares after reading Emma's blog at a little bit of everything She had a book by Maggie Grey and had made some wonderful samples in colours I love myself,so I immeadiatly sent off for the book and then while waiting for it to arrive made these.These are very straight forward stripes ,Emma's are much more interesting,I,m hoping when the book arrives I shall learn exciting techniques as I don't have many in my head.


  1. Your insects look wonderful! I am easily frustrated by machinery and anything new in general so I understand all the muttering under the breath, lol. But I know you will get it and each time it will get better. I look forward to seeing your finished creation and also what you do with the stripes. Go slow, have patience and you will soon have it down pat! Lol, easier said than done :)

  2. Very luscious royal colours in your squares. Lovely!
    Have a wonderful creative week,


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