Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas party and carols

We invited 25 friends to come to an evening party here at home on friday evening. We had already arranged that our friend Mark would accompany us singing some french and English carols,I made copies of several well known english and a couple of french carols. Amongst us we had one friend who sang beautifully and was to guide us in the right direction. On seeing Mark take out his violin a french friend decided to rush home and bring back his trumpet!!The room is not very big and a trumpet is quite loud and the mix was hilarious. We all laughed and laughed ,as quite a few times we got in muddles with the tunes as the french versions of the english songs were often different.
The food went down very well and then we played an excentric raffle which again caused gales of laughter.The 2nd photo shows our village mayor enjoying himself and the first, the two musicans.The rest guests.The pictures don' t seem to be in the order I expected,, the mayor and neighbours are in the third photo.


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  2. Welcome to my blog and thanks for your nice words.

    Wishing you a happy and healty new year!!


  3. merci beaucoup Jill et Tony pour cette agreable soirée .nous vous souhaitons une belle et heureuse année

  4. Gosh this is just so wonderful. It warms my heart today. These pictures show JOY. Blessed spirit. May the new year bring buckets of creative inspiration. I look forward to visiting you here at your blog. *smiles* Norma

  5. I am glad you found my blog! Thanks for being a new follower!
    Best wishes for a super 2012. Hope the new year brings you loads of love, laughter and creativity!



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