Wednesday, 7 March 2012

What a Week!

The week passed by so fast I had little time to my self. I did manage to finish the doll but have to admit I rushed. Something it was silly to do as I used some very vintage material that was fragile and full of splits, darns and holes.It started out as quite long, if narrow,length,but it was difficult to get two pieces for the skirt,and avoid the holes and darns. I think I lost sight of the colours I used as well, grabbing a length or brown lace to add to the skirt to hide a dingy mark. She has become rather dingy altogether,I wish I had used brighter colours for the drees top and her hair.I still haven't done her shoes,but I found some pretty blue felt to day so will use that

I went to the yoga??? class again and wonder of wonders it was pure joy. Not so long and a form of Tai Chi which I did many, many years ago. He ended with a lovely meditative relaxation .I was very relieved and asked about this week,he told me it would be more yoga,then he will ask us all what we preferred doing and that will be what we do.


  1. I also think she is pretty with its harmonious colors :)

  2. Jill she doesn't look dingy to me at all. Infact she is perfect and charming. You are too hard on yourself.

  3. She is charming and sweet and I love the colours. Shashi's spot on with her comment. We love your dolls Jill -and we know best!xxx

    Glad the yoga was a success.x

  4. she's subtle & gentle & just a little wistful ;)

    I do Satyananda yoga, breathing & relaxation & stretching, there are sooooo many kinds! no one should be 'made' to sit in one position for that long. Glad the 2nd class was better.

  5. Dear Jill
    Your doll and that fabric is just soooo gorgeous tattered or not it matters not!
    Like Emma I do the Satyananda yoga - in fact my husband teaches it and has for over 30 years now so it is part of my daily life. It is just so beneficial! Especially the meditation and Yoga Nidra~
    x Suzy
    PS Thank you dear Jill for displaying my button on your sidebar!

  6. This doll is so sweet. I love all your choices for her. Absolutely precious!


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