Sunday, 25 March 2012

A new cloth doll almost finished .

Tony left woke me today at what seemed to me to be the middle of the night.I didn't know we had changed to british summer time and 6:30 was now 7:30.I declined his request that I went with him to a brocante and stayed home . I decided to make a pork pie with hot water crust pastry and then finish my doll. The pie took me far longer than I had thought and I had far too much filling so had to make a secong . Still they are both safely in the oven and a good smell is filling the house. When I have finished this writing I will try and finish the doll.I am going to add lots of pearls to the skirt and want to make a lacy bodice.              
   A friend called round on friday evening and lent me this
   magazine and when I had looked through it I wanted to change my
   entire house.Sadly I think I would need tons and tons of money. But
   it did make me want to make lots of similar things myself  and change
   a   few   things around the house.


  1. What gorgeous dolls!

    Sandie xx

  2. Love the colours and the fabric you have chosen for your doll. She is going to look fabulous.

  3. I love your doll. You do such nice work.

  4. Your dolls are little sweeties.Looks like you live in a rural idyll.

  5. Tha doll looks great & what a lovely little cottage in the woods ;)


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