Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The party in the Wood

The party in the wood was wonderful, I enjoyed getting ready, the party itself, and the following day clearing up. Good friends helped over the three days so the workload was made easier.The trees and tents were decorated with garlands of paper flowers and I decided to add fabric bows at the last minute. The musicians arrived at 7:30 and were quickly setup, they played until the early hours of the morning. The weather was perfect so we were warm right through. Everyone enjoyed meeting each other, ate and ate and danced and danced.


  1. Sounds divine, glad you enjoyed yourself :)

  2. Love the birthday tea party idea! I have one every year with my daughters for Mother's Day, and would love to do one with my friends to celebrate our birthdays!

    I'm so happy to have a way to stay in touch with you through your blog besides the "Love for Vintage Network".


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