Thursday, 14 October 2010

A few days away.

We were to have spent a few days in Paris but terrorist threats and train strikes made us change our minds, instead we went to see Monet's house and garden, and stayed in Vernon an old, part medieval, town. I took many photos but for the moment this is the only one I can find!!!!!!!!! In a way its very apt because we did spent time gazing at windows such as this. We did eat far too much , Tony loved all the savoury things and I loved the cakes. I will find the other photos later today, right now I have a hugh list of must do things including finishing 3 dolls more cards etc etc.( I'm trying not to think about washing and housework )


  1. I am very envious of you getting to visit Monet's home and garden. I can only imagine it is beautiful. I am enjoying your art work, cards etc. I wish I lived near as I would take that precious little kitten in a heartbeat. He is darling. Do post about his outcome please. Sharon

  2. That sounds wonderful, and nicer than Paris! I am trying not to look at the delicious cakes- yum! Glad you enjoyed your break.x

  3. That sounds like a wonderful trip and oh yum! the food! Have fun with your creating and enjoy the day (housework can wait!) :)


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