Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Two more fabric cards and a little about Monets garden

I was going to write lots about our visit to Giverney but somehow time has raced by and its almost time to start cooking the evening meal. This picture is the famous waterlily pond that inspired so many of Monets paintings. Its the wrong time of year for the waterlily flowers but it was still a beautiful, tranquil place to sit. I love green and the amazing variety was wonderful to see. The house was also lovely and I wished I could change my kitchen walls to the yellow Monet had in his.

I finished the red card this morning and then decided I must try something different( All this to divert myself from the doll I'm having a problem with) so I made the card with the butterfly. Seeing it now I realise it could have been more complex but its a start to change from the little faces. I have been sent some beautiful lace by Debbie Aristone from CDA along with an amazing hat and hat stand made from recyled materials. It made me want to try harder to use recycled materials. I will post a photo tomorrow if it doesn't rain.. I have to take my photos in the garden
as its quite dark in this house. Back to the lace ,I think I can use some of it on another butterfly card.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog Cloth Doll Designs. I confess that I do not know the geography of France very well, but my niece lives with her family in Tarare. Perhpas that is near you...or not! I hope you are not affected too negatively by the strikes.

  2. Anytime of the year would be wonderful to visit Monet's Garden. How fortunate you are!
    Love the butterfly! Thank you for lovely comment on my blog!
    x Suzy

  3. beautiful pieces and love the stitching!

  4. Lovely cards Jill. And Giverney looks beautiful.x


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