Saturday, 2 October 2010

Visitors,family and a kitten

My son and grandson have been here for the last week and so I haven't had much time to sew or write here. It was lovely to see them as they live in Australia and I don't see them very often. We were also joined by a small kitten. He or she arrived in our wood shed and cried and cried for days. We wonder if some one didn't want him and left him here seeing we had several cats . The french know that english people generally love animals. and probably would take him in. I so don't want any more cats, but we couldn't see him starve nor be cold , food and a blanket was given while we tried to decide what to do. Now we can pick him up and he runs to us when he sees us and throws himself on his back so we can stroke his tummy, purring loudly. Our other cats are furious and cast some very black looks whenever they see him. Introducing him into the house will be fun!!!!!! Oh dear! you can tell what is going to happen unless we can find a home for him.

As for sewing I have found myself making more fabric cards, now they are sort of Christmassy, and I have almost finished dressing the two dolls.
I received a lovely swap postcard this week and will post a photo later and tell you Lorraines blog address. She makes wonderful things.


  1. The kitten is adorable but I well know some of the reactions your other cats will give you from experience. But what can you do, they do come round or declare a truce eventually. The kitten looks like a female due to the markings, so taking her in now might save unwanted kittens later. Whatever the sex it's adorable so hopefully someone will come forward and offer a home if you decide not to keep it. Good luck :)

  2. Isn`t she just divine!! A mini Florrie if ever I saw one

  3. This little guy is so cute - I can appreciate trying to "integrate" them into the family - a challenge to say the least!


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