Thursday, 28 October 2010

A little doll

I made myself spend just half an hour to finish this little doll,she will be a gift for my grand daughter when I next visit England.I sat down in my workroom this morning and surveyed the mess and decided part of the answer was to actually finish all those nearly finished things before I begin one more new thing. There are at least 10 items I need to sort out.I also am going to have a good clear out to make more space. I have kept stuff for years and years on a maybe basis but realise maybe will probably never come, right now space and a little organisation would be more useful.


  1. She is so very sweet and your grand daughter is going to love her.

  2. She is so pretty and charming - that lucky young lady will be thrilled! x

  3. hi, she is adorable ,I loved .very very cut.big hugs.

  4. Hi - I found your blog through another blog,have look around in your blog, very beautiful and sweet doll and your postcard with doll faces are wonderful, I will come back and see more.

  5. Hi Gill, thanks for visiting my blog. I love your dolls and cards!
    I made "Rudolf Steiner"dolls (I don't know any other way to describe them) for school and for my granddaughter, and you might look at: But since my granddaughter is nine now and I stopped working at school ..... But I love selfmade dolls!You live in France you also speak French??? (My French is lousy)Au revoir Gill


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