Tuesday, 5 October 2010

More kittens!!!! and more sewing

Yesterday our hearts sank when we had another kitten arrive in the garden. It was certainly related to the first one but probably a male. We quickly decided we would feed them but they would have to be outside cats. We can pick up the first one and know its important because we will take them to be neutered when old enough. Today there is no sign of him, perhaps it was just a quick visit?
I spent a few hours this morning cutting , sewing and gluing. The picture of the card is not at all accurate, photoshop got out of control but the tags are more or less the right colours. They were such fun to make and, a wonder for me ,made fairly quickly.


  1. Gosh another one, word is getting round in the cat community, lol. That's a good point, getting them tame enough to be able pick them up and get them neutered as soon as you can otherwise you'll quickly be overrun.
    Just love your cards and tags, they are so pretty :)

  2. You've been making some lovely things Jill! I hope no more kittens decide to visit, but they obviously know a good thing when they see it. x

  3. Beautiful Blog!! Thanks for following me
    Dessa Rae


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