Monday, 28 November 2011

Blogging problems still and a few more fairies

I still seem to have two blogs come up,its a complete mystery. The latest followers seem to be on one or the other,but the content remains the same.I generally am not thinking sensibly at the moment. I set myself the task of making several christmassy fairies and meant to stick to reds ,gold, silver, christmassy colours. But this morning I thought well why have I made this white and purple one. I also tried to change my usual way of doing things and am not at all sure I am pleased with the results for the ones in the right colours. I am going to try some painting this afternoon,it usually makes me feel very calm.Then I'll start some more fairies.


  1. All your fairies are lovely but I like the one with the white skirt very much she is wonderful.

  2. I agree with Shashi - all are super, but that white skirted one is a peach!

  3. Invited by Isabelle G. , one of your neighbor, to visit your site, I really enjoyed myself. What a great creativity and sensitivity. Beautiful!

  4. Oh these fairys are all so beautifully made, you make some very sweet faces.Have a nice weekend.

  5. You make such beautiful things, I can't understand why you are not happy with your fairies, to me they are all lovely! I specially LOVE the top one.


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