Friday, 21 December 2012

Three collages and a mysterious antique chest

I made these very quickly this last week to take to show the sewing group as I am finding out the kind of things they might like to try in the new year. Yesterday everyone brought the fairies they had made and they are sitting on Pine branches on the end wall of the hall ready for the village childrens party. They look very festive.I think everyone was very pleased with their work,I certainly was impressed with every single fairy.
Tony recently bought this fabulous chest dating from the late 1700s/early 1800. When he bought it the chest was locked and the elderly couple had no idea where the key was, but thought it contained letters. The escutcheon showed signs that someone had tried to force it open, but been unable to. We took it to a locksmith and he was able to open it. We decided to sell it with its contents as it obviously belonged to a Count and certainly came from a very grand house, possibly a chateau.  So do take a look at his ebay site to see what's in it by clicking on the little picture of Brocante buys  near the top on the right hand side.   I was amazed.


  1. Beautiful pieces...simply beautiful. I love Native American they represent Eternal life.

    Love the box....always nice to find a treasure hidden inside a treasure.

  2. Lovely to see your pretty butterflies on yet another grey wet day here! And what a marvellous find.x

  3. Beautiful work and treasures Jill. Hope your Christmas was restful and I am so glad your fire was put out quickly. Wishing for you a healthy, peaceful and a prosperous new year.

  4. Lovely collages and what a treasure this chest and contents are.


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