Monday, 22 November 2010

Another doll finished

This poor doll has been sitting about for months wearing very little. I made her the yellow skirt, didn't like the colour and put her on a shelf until I could decide what to do. This was nearly three months ago but a few days ago she caught my eye and I took her down. My worktable was very cluttered at the time but luckily right in front of me were some blue bits and piece and some lace. It put them next to the skirt and liked what I saw and here is the result.
I have just one more unfinished doll , I shall have a long look at her soon.

Meantime I have been busy making more fabric cards and little felt shoes in red, for Christmas.So I better get on.


  1. She is lovely! I really like the style of the dress and how you embellished it. Some times it just take a bit before the inspiration happens to finish them where you are happy :)

  2. She is beautiful and I love her costume.

  3. She must be very happy to be dressed now so elegantly. Beautiful work!


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