Sunday, 13 November 2011

Christmas workshop

Its a few weeks since I have been here, I have been very busy but also extremly tired all the time. I began working last week with the group of people in the photo,there were 10 of us altogether. We are meeting each week to fill the old school classrooms,now the village hall, with decorations for Christmas. Here in France the people don't usually make as much of Christmas as some countries do. I made lots of templates to begin with and put out red white and green tissue papers as well as lots of card.I showed them how to make the flowers for the garlands and if they wished also shapes for hanging things. I made a sort of wall display of three singing angels, mostly cutting and gluing.I started on another panel of the three kings,when I had finished the second one Martine made a third. I was delighted she so enjoyed her self.,It was difficult not to interfear but I so hope more of them will come up with their own ideas in the remaining weeks.


  1. It looks like everyone was hard at work and your angels came out great!

  2. I adore these. What a lovely gathering you have there. I hope you are taking your daily vitamins! It helps with fatigue especially at times of the season when we are extra busy. Take good care, love what you are doing! *smiles* Norma

  3. Great idea and really beautiful decorations!


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