Tuesday, 15 November 2011

How motivation suddenly came

Today I bought a book by Papillon Bleu ,its full of lovely illustrations and a story or stories about
the dolls she has made. Her blog is full of equally pretty photos of her work. If you are a doll maker or lover do take a look.
When I had looked at it I went and dug out some of the little dolls I made probably two years ago. I remembered I had sold several of them but the 4 in the photo I have kept.Looking at them encouraged me to start to make 5 for Christmas,I have a long length of red silk I can use and plenty of gold and silver fabric.

This week at the workshop I am going to ask the ladies to each make some hearts to hang ,I shall divide them into pairs and give each pair a different group of coloured materials and hope we will have plenty by the end of the afternoon.


  1. These are lovely and so colourful.

  2. elles sont adorables tes poupées,jill

  3. Beautiful dolls! I'm happy that you found motivation:)

  4. These are wonderful, such a beautiful girls world you are moving in :-)


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