Friday, 25 November 2011

Will it happen or will it won't?

I took the red fairy along to the village workshop in the hope that maybe one or two of the ladies will like to continue our sesions after Christmas. They certainly examined her very carefully and asked what would happen to her after Chrismas,would I sell her or keep her? I suggested they might like to make one themselves. The idea was met with most of them saying they were sure it would be much too difficult,I did my best and now will wait and see what is said next week.
In the mean time I have two more almost finished,they are for here. I want several sitting on a shelf this Christmas.The other panel of the three wise men is finished and next week will be the finishing off session so all is ready to decorate the hall completly.


  1. I hope they decide to try Jill. I am looking forward to seeing all your completed Christmas preparations!x

  2. I am enjoying your posts so much! It's like reading a little adventure story! I look forward deliciously to what the ladies will say about the doll next week. They will have that time to think about it and maybe some of them will be brave enough to try. *smiles* Norma

  3. maybe I'll free myself for a Thursday to attend the making of a doll. Hall promises to be beautiful. children will not recognize their school.bises et bon week-end

  4. I certainly hope they have a go at making dolls. Many people think it is very difficult but they don't seem to know that half the battle is won if you know how to sew.


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