Monday, 14 November 2011

Blogger problems and moving out of my comfort zone

I am not sure what I have done but somehow I seem to have two blog sites,both almost the same except for the recent new followers, they only appear on one or the other. Then on one site it doesn't show the blog except for the title and the words read more . I thought I would get rid of one only I am scared I might loose both. So I will try this one and see what happens. If your recent comment isn't there then it must be on the other one.
A french friend who has made many many cloth dolls suggested( when I said how mine all seem so similar )that if I made an etirly different one from a pattern it might change my ideas. I always just start mine with no real preconceived idea of how the doll will finish, Over the years I have learnt to draw for myself legs, arms etc and always love doing the faces.Any way Anne -Marie brought round the pattern and I said I would try it out.
I don'tlike the results so far one bit,but already I can see another way of making clothes , I feel reluctant to finish them,maybe I will maybe I won't. I have already started one of my own and will try something different thanks to Anne-Marie.


  1. If you are not so pleased with this sort of doll, just try to draw another style.
    I usually draw, and draw untill a sketch starts " talking" to me.
    Stick to what you love and don't force yourself to do something else just to keep someone else happy.

  2. Well, to me they both look great, wish I were able to do something like this!

  3. I would second what Patrica says. I think your dolls are delightful and you have a style of your own which is so nice.


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