Tuesday, 22 November 2011

A fairy for a christmas tree

Now that the decorations for the village hall are well under way I decided I would make a fairy for the tree .I had two thoughts in mind,firstly to make the fairy then it occurred to me that if I made several different ones , a patchwork cushion and also took along some of my quilts for the ladies to see they might like to continue some sessions in the new year.They have all said how much they like working as a group and for me there are the two aspects,I am improving my french by getting to know more people in the village and I to am enjoying working with the group.
I shall have to get up early if I am to finish this doll,I've only finished one leg, half a shoe and need some thing for her head. Oh! then there are her wings though I think I have a pair somewhere.


  1. She is lovely. Won't the group love her so!! And be inspired by her and by YOU!! This is a lovely thing you are doing. Just so wonderful. I love how you are improving your french too. Have a fabulous day today! *smiles* Norma

  2. I am happy to be able to follow what you do VIA your blog. I can't not join you for decorations, I will paint with friends on Thursday. your dolls are lovely.do you make an expo soon?

  3. What a pretty little fairy. I am sure you will get her done one time and she will grace the Christmas tree beautifully.

  4. I really admire your work, it is so lovely!

  5. She's gorgeous Jill. How funny , I have just made a fairy too ( but very different from usual!) I'm sure your group is going to want to continue with your lovely things to inspire them xxx


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