Saturday, 15 May 2010

A contented duck

While we were over at the lavoir trying to take the photo of the duck now he's back and happy,the mayor came by with his wife. They had brought us some plants for the wood and wanted to invite us for a meal. Somehow things got turned around and as two friends had had to cancel coming to us tomorrow we found ourselves inviting the mayor and his wife to come.They are lovely people and we will be pleased to see them. The tiny drawback is that we have felt compelled to make every corner of the house shine andTony hurt his back in his haste to plant everything we were given before tomorrow.We would of have made the house tidy for our friends of course but maybe not quite so!!


  1. Ah.....I see.... the mayor gets better treatment than me...............well!!!!

  2. Oh dear! I hope it all went well Jill!


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