Saturday, 11 December 2010

Difficulties and delights

The last few days have thrown up problem after problem, today we were hoping to sort out a few things but it wasn't to be. We realised one of our small black cats was behaving very oddly,as one of our neighbour's cats died recently and another became ill we were very concerned All else had to be put on hold and we took her to the vets. The vet was wonderful ,she knows our cats quite well as they are all ex farm cats and came from very unhealthy backgrounds. They seem to have been in and out of the vets so often. This time the symptoms were extremly worrying, she has been given all sorts and we have to phone the vet tomorrow if there is no improvment.
When the postman came he brought me the lovely rag rug in the picture. It was made by Beryl Daws. a friend from England . Beryl is the person who first inspired me to sew. I saw an exibition of her work and loved it so much I found her phonenumber , contacted her and she showed me the basic steps to enable me to start trying .If you type her name into the internet her web page comes up. She makes wonderful things, well worth looking at.


  1. Hi, got my fingers crossed your little cat is ok, it's just so worrying because they can't tell us how they feel. Just adore your rug, it's so gorgeous. Love the christmassy blog outfit as well :)

  2. Gosh, it's horrible when our pets are ill.Hope she recovers.

  3. Hi
    This is the lady with the frost instructions,you`ll have to scroll backwards a little through her blog to find it


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