Sunday, 26 December 2010

More journal pages

Looking through my journal I wonder if I would ever dare to actually write in it? Sometimes I am quite happy with my handwriting but othertimes I know it can be very uneven and untidy.Maybe I should write it on paper and then glue it in the book? Or maybe when I have got over my amazment that I have finished it I won't feel so precious about it?


  1. It would be hard for anyone not to be so precious about such a lovely piece of fabric work, you are so good at putting scraps together and making coherent wholes, love your journal

  2. Writing in your journal is the thing that will make it extra special for those you leave it to when you are gone. Your stitching is beautiful but the written word is mightier than the needle and thread. Handwriting is very personal, no two people write alike. Be brave my friend!

  3. It looks stunning, but I think to write in it would make it perfect! Hope little Milly is continuing to recover well Jill, and that you are having a lovely festive break.x

  4. Wonderful journal pages! You have done such a beautiful job... can't wait for you to make more! (nudge nudge!) I owe you a long email!
    Hugs to you!


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