Monday, 13 December 2010

Visits to the vet , journal pages and zentangles

The little black cat has improved today, the vet a young polish girl was wonderful spending a very long time checking Millie out. She had several injections and pills to swallow,none of which presented any problems for the first two days, but will now she is feeling so much better!!!
Yesterday she slept on the pile of lace next to my chair in my workroom while I spent time on the two journal pages. I love the quote, its seems very apt of late.
I have just mislade the name of the dancer who made it, will have to tell her name my next blog.
I have also made a little progress doing zentangles, I tried, as Judy suggested, to do large ones but found it very daunting so compromised and used a postcard size. I have finished some, though there are several mistakes, but to my surprise I have enjoyed doing them. I will post a picture when I have one I am satisfied with. So my thanks to Judy at Judy's fabrications


  1. Your fabric journal is lovely Jill!!
    With the Zentangles, there is no way anything is a "mistake",and all is acceptable. Doing Big things is designed to make us be courageous, and take risks.
    I'm using coloured pencils at the moment, and my faces aren't up to much, but I don't care- I'll just keep on going and KNOW they will improve. I'm using Lyra pencils- yummy!!
    Hope you'll post me some of your work(e-mail).

  2. Glad to hear little cat is improving, sleeping on your lace pile, me thinks she is one lucky pussy cat. Love your journal pages, so textural and full of interest

  3. So glad the little puss is getting better. The fabric journal is super Jill. Hope you have a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful and creative

  4. Hello dear friend!!!!!
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you and your family!
    Big, big hugs.


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