Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow, journal pages and zentangles

It has continuously snowed here for 2 days, the world seems a different place.The light is different, in the day very bright except in the bedrooms where the snow covers the velox windows making the rooms very dark.The silence is wonderful, just the occaisonal sound of the birds and crunch of footsteps as neighbours walk to the village bakery.
The cats don't know what to do with themselves, they have spent hours sitting on the window sills watching the snow fall.
I have been busy trying to workout how to put the many pages I have made for a journal together. I realise they are very thick ,if thats the right word ,because of all the bits and pieces I have used to decorate each page. I choose the theme Memories as I find nowerdays I often look back and try to remember events in my life and see I will like to have a journal that will trigger even small things I may have otherwise forgotten.The three I have posted have facing pages where I write about the thoughts that have led me to make each page.I have always been fascinated by insects and often use them in my work. In the summer there are many beautiful dragonflies about over the stream and lavoir. My other loves are faces and flowers.I have boxes of photographs of friends and flowers which have been the source of many of the things I have made.The girl with the red hair reminds me of my granddaughter, she has hair exactly that colour and is lovely.
Later this evening I will carry on filling in my zentangle. I still find them hard to do and spend ages thinking about each space.I am not very spontaneous when I work but I am hoping I will improve.


  1. Lovely cards! I expect the snow is better in france than here!!! but then everything is! x

  2. Your pages are very beautiful and your grand-daughter must be quite lovely with that beautiful red hair! I can't help but laugh at the thought of your cats watching the snow fall. It would seem to me, a dog lover, that it might be a bit maddening for the cats to watch the falling flakes teasing them all day. lol, I am sure they enjoyed it but for some reason it really makes me laugh. Maybe because it doesn't snow here or perhaps just the late hour. Take care :)

  3. hello friend ,wonderfull creations.big hugs

  4. These journal pages are coming together beautifully. It is so much fun as you build on them and start seeing them in a journal. Love that dragon-fly - just gorgeous. It's snowing so much I even see it on a page of your journal!
    Christmas cheer to you!


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