Thursday, 23 December 2010

Visits to the vet and what could these dolls have been up to?

We have made 6 visits to the vets this last week,thought Milly wouldn't survive but yesterday after an x-ray and more awful injections she suddenly drank some water. The first time she had for 6 days. T0day she ate a teaspoon of tuna and actually purred when stroked.It is such a huge relief ,we were wondering if we should ask for her to be put to sleep as her breathing was dreadful and she seemed to be in great pain. We have all our fingers crossed she will continue to improve.

The relief lifted our spirits enough so that we began to decorate the house last night, ready for Christmas. This is the dolls third Christmas and now we have changed the windows I was unable to hang them up as I did previously so I sat three of them on a ledge. They looked very prim and proper. High in the opposite corner I put a forth doll(an angel).When I went into the room early this morning you can see what I found!!! They look like they had quite a wild night,can't imagne what they got up to but I think they had some fun.


  1. I sure hope your kitty gets better real soon. Merry Christmas!

  2. i love your dolls,what a beauty's

  3. Merry Xmas and I am looking forward to seeing you in te new year!!! X


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