Sunday, 26 December 2010

A lovely peaceful day

After a happy and busy day yesterday it is lovely to have time today to do just what we like. Tony is occupied setting up his Sat Nav and then intends to relax and perhaps watch a film. I have spent some time on the photos of my finished journal. In spite of doing the brilliant Skinny Mini e-course I am still having trouble producing good photos,I need to practise a lot more I know. But here are the back and front covers.
When I came to put the pages together I realised they had several things on many of the pages that were quite deep and then made the book slightly wonky. It is my first attempt and I have learnt alot. I am looking forward to starting another one. Will post some more pictures tomorrow.

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  1. Your book is just lovely, so pretty. Loving the new look blog as well, so feminine


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