Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Couture with the french ladies and Prayer Flags

Last week we had another sewing meeting and everyone brought in their pages for the fabric journals they are making. Without exception they were lovely and we were all impressed with the progress made. One more journal session and then we will begin the angels/fairies for decorating the village hall.(The is long and narrow so I don't seem to have fitted us all in the photograph)
A few weeks ago I looked at Judy's blog at Judy's fabrications.She is amazingly talented and makes so many stunning things ,always beautiful and colourful.That visit I saw she had made some pretty Prayer Flags and though I knew of them I didn't know much so I read her blog with great interest .
I really wanted one of my own but thats not quite the point,you really need a few and then they are hung up outside until they disintergrate and the theme of each flag is dispersed on the wind all over the place.I think its a lovely thought. Then I picked up an old Cloth Paper Scissors magazine and opened it and there was an article on Prayer Flags.They can be quite simple or as complicated as you like.I made 4 in a day which for me is something because usually I agonise over every thing I do.When I have some more I will hang them in the wood.Should anyone like to make one and send it to me I would be delighted and they will join mine. I 'd send you a photograph of them. I'm also asking the sewing group and friends to make one.
The prayer Flag Project is a blog called    also take a look at Judy's blog and there is a site on Pinterest as well.

These are my 4 made so far, the photographs are all printed onto fabric so I could stich them on.
Making and hanging flags is away of speaking a thought or intention out loud.
I need to say that I learnt most of this from the article byJane lafazio in a 2012   Cloth Paper Scissors.                                                                             



  1. I love those prayer flags. What a cool idea!

  2. What a gorgeous project! These prayer flags look really great!

    Have a lovely weekend!
    Gaby xo

  3. Love your prayer flags, they are all so beautifully made, I also love the idea with hanging them outside.

  4. Hopping over to say hi, and check out your blog here....LOVE IT! Love the work you did, and how fun too! Thanks for sharing with us, and have a wonderful vintage week!:)


  5. Jill,
    I have seen these prayer flags on other blogs as well. This is such a good idea. We all need prayers, and this is a great way to display them and let them blow in the wind. The last one if my favorite. I love the vintage girl and the colors. What a special project this is.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  6. who is the fourth person in photo aside from me, ruby and josephine xxx

  7. Hi, Jill. Looks like you're keeping busy for the holiday season. Enjoyed seeing your prayer flags--very pretty and with good intentions, too. I also liked your post on your Paris visit (who wouldn't?). Gorgeous hotel--lucky you!
    best, nadia

  8. Love these prayer flags Jill. Love them. I am just working out the technique of sewing a 3-D fabric and paper bell just now so took a break. I discovered this post. How lovely these are. Big hugs, Norma, x
    p.s. Special greetings to you and Tony. Bless!!

  9. Jill you prayer flags are all so beautifully made, love them all, and I love the new look at your blog, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
    Hugs Anni

  10. great prayer flags...I made one a couple of months back and sent it to colorado will have to make some more in the new year;)

  11. They are really lovely!


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