Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sneaky, sleepy cats

I have spent several hours trying out new ways to make this blog better. I got it completly wrong with the change I made the other day so I hope later to day to get it right.

We have three cats, all given to us because they were unwanted and in need of a home. They have changed our life which now seems to work around them, they are much loved . I have only one rule!!! I don't want the three of them in the bedrooms as we live in the countryside and they so quickly make my bedspreads or quilts grubby. I try to keep the doors shut but they seem to know each and any time a door is open and in they sneak. Take yesterday, it was extremly windy and they all hate wind,so when we realised we hadn't seen two of them for some time we called and called but no cats appeared. I went upstairs to put on a jacket and what did I find but two cats looking very comfortable on and in the bed!!!!

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