Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Trying to paint,and finishing a crown

I spent several hours today using my paints. Its so long since I have tried to paint I just had a good time mixing colours and playing around.The end results were put away with a few reminders of what to do and what not to do. Its a beginning,I am happy.
When ai had had enough I cleared up and finished the crown. The first one I realised was way to0 big so this one is smaller. I wish, how I wish ,I could do more wacky things but it seems its not in my nature and no matter how I try it never works for me. I must find an online workshop .

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  1. I noticed you always read my Blog and leave a comment. Thank you for being so kind! If you have a chance, please write my niece, Kristin Zimmerman, who lives in Tarare, near Leon (k.e.zimmerman2007@gmail.com). She has two daughters and they would love to see your crowns.

    Susan @ clothdolldesigns


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