Friday, 21 January 2011

Finally a better day.

I spent several more hours today trying to get somewhere. Then suddenly it came to me that what I have been trying to do is make things quickly so I had something to post here. In the past I would take ages and ages to make things ,particuallyanything with free machine embroidery and all the quilts I have made. Some of those took me a year!!!!!!! I went and pulled out some of them,counted 18 quilts. It was fun to see how the work gradually became more complex. Then I looked at photos of many of the cushion coversI made, many with finely embroidered butterflies,bugs and dragon flies.I never used patterns and had to take time drawing until I liked one before I used the design .Same thing went for bags I made. I sat and thought for a while then cleared away everything on my table, came down stairs , had a cup of coffee then took out some paper and pencils and sketched out some ideas. I spent some time drawing with my sewing machine and the results were pretty poor but I knew where was going. What a relief to sort myself out.


  1. It's hard not to be slaves to this blogging malarky but so glad that you've recognised that was what was hampering you creatively and you can move on at your own pace now. Look forward to seeing what you create, but in your own time, I can wait :)

  2. Thank you so much for popping in to read my blog, I am sorry I wasn't there to offer you a cup of coffee and a welcome.:o)
    I hear you when you write about your frustrations I have had some of those days and months too. Just sit back, enjoy other peoples blogs and before you know it you will be rearing to to. Glad you enjoyed DJ her work is exceptional.

  3. Oh I do understand, sometimes in the past I felt 'guilty' that I had no pictures of completed work to post. You're doing the right thing, just relax and enjoy the process, we will be here waiting.x

  4. Thankyou for popping by,I am so enjoying browsing through your blogs,I love the Quilt,whats not to like if i had created that it would be on show for everyone to see !! amazing work and so much patience,Its a daily struggle thinking what shall i create next,but also a lovely time,planning and turning things over in our minds,what would we do without our art ??..........
    Pattie x


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