Thursday, 20 January 2011

Trying hard to settle on something

Since last friday have spent all my precious spare time in my workroom trying first this and then that again. Its been happening for what seems like weeks,I simply cannot get anywhere . I wondered if I should stay away for a while,read books ,write letters,go for a walk?I sewed some flowers, cut out some things that had been sitting around for weeks and weeks, made attemps at making backgrounds for panels to make some cushions.( Badly needed)Nothing, but nothing, seems right and I was surprised to find myself feeling very miserable about it. I sat and looked at lots of beautiful work on other peoples blogs, shrugged my shoulders and said to myself "well I shall just have to keep trying" I am also thanking here those kind people who have said my muse will return,
In the photo are some of the things I made and found and played around with. Tomorrow I will put many of them to one side, less may be better!!

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