Saturday, 29 January 2011

Getting there.

Anna a lovely friend came round one morning this week and helped me sort out all the many drawers and boxes of lace and jewellery I have collected for years and years. I love to see everything beautifully organised and finding so much I had forgotten. Anna has organised me before, the room is usually in such a muddle we ever only sort a small part of it but I am managing to let go of masses of things I've had for years and know I will never use.
It was a good feeling when I went into the workroom the following day and soon found myself working on the idea of a journal about my family. I have many old black and white family photos and I printed a few onto fabric. The first page is my mother,I should think this was taken in a studio as my father isn't there. Strangly I haven't one with both of them, though I have many other's of my father.The opposite page shows the wedding invitation. I fouund the bill from the hotel where they stayed for their Honey moon,£9,6 shillings for 6 nights with an extra £1 added for baths!!!This was 1938 the year befor war broke out.
I have 4 other pages started so far. I already realise I will probably need to make two journals.
I also began a panel for a cushion cover and have been doing a little hand sewing in the evenings.


  1. A friend like that is worth her weight in gold. Isn't it lovely when everything is organised and you can just get on with creating. Loving your pages :)

  2. Gill your pages are wonderful, love the idea about a family journal, great with the wedding invitation and that you found the bill from their Honey moon, looking forward to see more pages.


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