Sunday, 2 January 2011

Too much choice and too many ideas

Though it has been a busy few weeks and I have been unable to spend time in my workroom,I have been thinking about what I could make next. Trouble is I have a room stuffed with fabric,lace, threads, old photos,cuttings from magazines,faded shabby silk flowers and more. I know I should try and use the things I already have. I pulled out a quilt I made early last year using mostly silk fabrics I had hoarded for years. I had disliked it so much when it was finished I put it away out of sight. It was again a case of using what I had and the end result didn't please me.I have even more now,but feel I would like to make a pale pretty quilt using the same principal of making lots of 10inch squares. I have many bits and pieces but little pale fabric. The quilt reminded me how much I used to like drawing then sewing the centers of each square.
Perhaps I will make cushions,we do need some and I probably wouldn't have to compromise on my fabric choices.

But then I do want to make another journal, I think I will start something and see what happens


  1. I have found that once I actually get started on a project that is when the ideas flow. I am sure whatever you make will be beautiful. We tend to be our worst critics. I too am facing the daunting yet exciting task of starting a new project. Know you are not alone!

  2. As soon as I begin something I think of at least 3 other things I want to do (and would need to buy more suppplies for) I think it is our creative lot in life.
    I am finally completing the doll I began in Patti Culea's workshop in October, and am determined to finish her, but have already started drafting out another project! Never mind Jill, at least we are never bored. I know whatever you decide it will be beautiful.x

  3. That is a lovely quilt, full of life and character!!
    Some times it's just getting started and letting it flow is the hardest part. I'm sure once you get to going you'll be creating like mad :)

  4. It is true Madam you are your own toughest critic!!!! Your work is always I didn`t steal that quilt I will never know

  5. Gill your quilt is very beautiful, love that it is so colorful, your jounal pages are wonderful, a pleasure to visit your blog and see what you're working with. Happy New Year.

  6. I wanted to say that I just read your comment on my art quilt and I am extremely flattered that you like it! I also wanted to say that yes you should try to paint, oh yes, oh yes please do try. You learn with each and every creative effort you make and if you are creative in one thing many times you are creative elsewhere. Be fearless! Thank you again for your lovely comment. I am smiling ear to ear!

  7. I think the colours are great and it must have been quite tricky working with the silk. Hope you get to love it!


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